• PLEASE READ CAREFULLY TO ENSURE THAT YOU ARE COMPLETING THE CORRECT FORM FOR THE CORRECT SCHOOL YEAR.  For more information please contact Stacey Morgan at 541-830-6563 or email


    Interdistrict Transfer - Incoming  - If you reside outside of the boundaries of the Eagle Point School District and wish to attend school in our district, you need to receive a release from your resident district. Once you have requested your release please click here: 2022-23 Incoming Transfer Request Form PLEASE NOTE: You may not be placed in your school of preference. Placement is determined by the D9 Administration based on class size and availability of programs.

    If you move outside of the boundaries of the Eagle Point School District during the school year, you may be able to finish the current school year in the Eagle Point School District.  Please complete the incoming transfer form and indicate your reason for the request is a "mid-year" move.  NOTE:  This process is to remain for the current year. If you wish to remain in the Eagle Point School District beyond the current school year, you will need to request an interdistrict transfer from your new resident district.

    **If your student is currently attending a D9 school on an Interdistrict Transfer from a previous year or on Open Enrollment from a previous year,  you do not have to submit a new request.

    Hardship Transfers - PLEASE NOTE: Only families that meet the hardship requirement will be considered for a transfer to another district. Once approved, you do not need to request it again.
     2022-23 Hardship Transfer Request Form 

    (Please refer to Board JECF-AR for more information on Hardship Transfers)

    Intradistrict Transfer - Complete this form if your child is a resident of the Eagle Point School District and you wish to transfer from one school within the district to another school within the district.

    The time frame for this request opens April 1, 2023 and closes May 31, 2023 for the 2023-24 school year.

    Intradistrict Transfer Form 2022-23