2022-2023 CALENDARS

  • 2022-2023 Staff Calendars

    Employees may not deviate from assigned work calendar

    If you have any questions about which work calendar you are assigned
    to please contact
    Human Resources (541) 830-6555 or Payroll (541) 830-6556

    Click on number of days below to view your calendar:

    A1 - 260 Days
    Administrative Assistant-Technology/Maintenance
    Administrative Assistant to Transportation
    Computer Technician
    Custodian I/II
    Lead Mechanic
    Maintenance I/II
    Plant Engineer I/II
    Systems Administrator
    Director Human Resources
    Director Special Programs
    Director School Improvement
    Director Business Services

    A2 - 225 Days
    Administrative Assistant to High School Principal

    A3 - 220 Days
    Administrative Assistant to HS Assistant Principal
    Administrative Assistant to URCEO
    Health and Safety/Social Emotional Learning Coordinator
    Special Education Coordinator

    A4 - 215 Days
    Administrative Assistant to Middle School Principal
    Administrative Assistant to Elementary Principal
    Administrative Assistant to Student Services Supervisor
    District Student Services Facilitator - Community Liaison
    District Student Services Facilitator - Attendance

    A5 - 196 Days
    Administrative Assistant - School Support

    A8 - 210 Days
    High School Accountant
    Administrative Assistant (High School Registration)
    Bus Driver Trainer

    C - 239 Days
    Part-time Custodian
    Part-time Courier

    D- 183 Days
    District Student Services Facilitator - Grad Coach
    Da- 175 Days
    Part-time District Student Services Facilitator - Grad Coach

    F - 179 Days
    7-8 hour Instructional Assistant

    Fa - 179 Days
    7- 8 hour Special Education Instructional Assistant
    Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
    Speech Language Pathology Assistant

    G - 171 Days
    Part-time Instructional Assistant
    Part-time Special Education Instructional Assistant

    L - 178 Days
    Library Coordinator
    Bus Driver

    190/191 Days
    Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSA)
    Psychologists (+ 10 additional days)
    Speech Language Pathologists (+ 10 additional days)
    Occupational Therapists (+ 10 additional days)

    Administrator - 215 Days
    Middle School Principal
    Elementary Principal
    Elementary Assistant Principal

    Administrator - 220 Days
    High School Assistant Principal

    Administrator - 225 Days
    Grant Administrator
    High School Principal