Student Services

  • Administrative Assistant
    Darci Kupser
    Administrative Assistant

    McKinney Vento and Foster

    McKinney Vento

    • Must re-designate eligibility each year
    • Meet with previously Designated Students/families to see how their living situation is
    • After Designating:
    • School Supplies
    • Clothes
    • Transportation 
    • Free breakfast and lunch
    • What other needs they have.
    • Weekly Meeting with older students
    • Minimum Monthly Check Ins with families
    • Last year 143 students were designated
    • Our District has 3 MV Clothing Closets that are supported in part by donated goods. Located at:
      • EPHS
      • SCS
      • Student Services
    • Foster 43 Students Listed as Foster
      • We provide notice to corresponding schools, so they can update synergy accordingly.
      • If needed, we can assist with:
        • Transportation Requests
        • School supplies
        • Clothes
      • ODE sends us notice of Foster Placement. 

    Chris Valavala
    Student Services Facilitator 

    Behavior Interventionist

    Overall objective is to minimize the classroom distraction through consistent early and often  intervention.  Outside of class, persistent verbal interactions focused on building relations.   

    Strategy Support

    • Behavior analysis for accountability
    • Be effective in minimizing classroom disruptions
    • Communication progress updates with all staff involved
    • Development and implementation of Behavioral Plans
    • Follow up of care plans throughout the year to lessen the refocus periods. 
    • Problem Solving of major repeat Policy and rule violators (Progressive plan)
    • Replace negative behavior with positive alternatives to help shape behavior
    • Encourage healthy societal transitions and peer relations


    • Tracking of Student interactions
    • Home Visits
    • Updating data entry
    • Student Services update and transparency
    • Input and Review Synergy,  Swis and emails
    • Phone calls to families to find therapeutic resolutions to students' behavior.


    • Students in the district who will be on a plan, directly and indirectly through Student Services will be around 30. 

    Student Services Facilitator Adelina
    Adelina Perz
    Student Services Facilitator

    Community Outreach Liaison - Priority Reading Interventionist

    Summer focus

    • Working  consistently with 16 families students 
    • Supporting students with improving reading fluency
    • Tutoring, small reading groups, and home visits


    • Parent focus to support learning at home
    • Monthly parents meetings

    Student Services Facilitator Amy
    Amy Sander
    Student Services Facilitator 

    Attendance Interventionist

    Investigate & counsel students & families with excessive attendance problems


    • Create attendance &  academic plans w/ students & families to improve attendance & facilitate in graduating
    • Work to remove barriers & develop prevention/intervention strategies 
    • Makes observations about home, social, emotional, & academic, needs 
    • Monitor progress & update staff members who referred student of changes/plans agreements
    • Students who are referred to me continue to stay on my caseload until graduation

    Measured results April - August:

    • 181 in person  student contacts 
    • 110 home visits
    • 40 students serviced
    • 24 successful graduates

    Student Services Facilitator Ernesto
    Ernesto Hernandez 
    Student Services Facilitator

    Community Outreach Liaison - Priority Math Interventionis


    • Math scores on Star 360
    • Referral forms from schools or parents request support

    Offered academic support through

    • Genius Hour
    • Summer Programs
    • Individual tutoring

    Students Impacted

    • March-June: 33 students= 300 contacts
    • Summer: 22 Students= 232 contacts
    • MSS: Increased score of 21.3 points for math

    Moving forward

    • Continue academic support at WMMS, EPMS and EPHS
    • Tutoring after schoolHealth and Safety/Sel supervisor