• The Eagle Point School District 9 Board of Directors makes the following statement:

    The Eagle Point School District 9 Board of Director recognizes Superintendent Kovach for his continued commitment, dedication, and care of our district. Superintendent Kovach is a man of extraordinary integrity, work ethic, and grit. He has continued to manage our district through the COVID pandemic with courage and tenacity as he has taken the bull by the horns and gotten it done.

    Through it all, Superintendent Kovach has continued to work on building collaborative relationships throughout the district. He has hired a Communications Coordinator that has worked endlessly to keep our staff, students and families in the know. He has also hired a grant writer who will be able to utilize all the resources that might be available to our students, buildings, and community. Mr. Kovach was also able to amend Article 5 in our Collective Bargaining Agreement with the EPEA, giving wage increases to our hardworking staff and putting our district in the top 3-4 rate of pay in our region. He is also increasing our Career Technical Educational programs to encourage graduates into trade schools. He has created a Strategic Plan that will utilize data to monitor our student achievements, successes, and needs.

    COVID has brought innumerable challenges to our District. We have faced an increase in behavioral issues, a social and emotional crisis, staffing shortages, transportation issues, academic loss, and the list continues. Through this Mr. Kovach has met each challenge head on. He desires conversation and transparency. He is quick to listen and gather information. He takes each issue in stride and deals with it accordingly. He sets the standard high in Visionary Leadership as well as Ethical and Professional Norms.

    As COVID transitions to an endemic and life returns to more normalcy, we believe that Mr. Kovach will continue to move this district into a high functioning, high academic, model school district. 

    Presented with respect by the 2020-2021 EPSD9 Board of Directors