• District Priority Statements
    The Eagle Point School District 9 Board of Directors adopted four Priority Statements for July 2021 - January 2024

    • Close the Achievement Gaps for All Students - EPSD9 recognizes that academic gaps exist in each grade level.  We commit to raising the achievement level for all students using a growth model and will continue to work to identify barriers that might prevent them from reaching grade level success.
    • Innovative Career Pathways for All Students - EPSD9 will create a highly focused culture of exploration and learning through opportunities that encourage students K-12 to identify and pursue the college and career pathways they desire.
    • Address Social Emotional Learning for All Students - EPSD9 will partner with the community to ensure all students and staff are supported through social emotional learning systems developed through the four Ds (define, design, deliver, demonstrate) and integrated with multi-tiered systems of support.
    • A Clear Defined District Culture - EPSD9 will support each and every student in our district, their individual strengths and weaknesses.  We will commit to providing them a safe and student centered learning environment building relationships with trust and integrity, encouraging them to reach their full potential.

    What does a school board do? 
    You may find more information about the role of the school board at the Oregon School Board Association website.