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    Eagle Point School District 9 
    Board of Directors 
    2021 - 2022 Goals

    Mission Statement: 
    We will work to make a conscious effort putting each student's education and staff needs first in all decisions in a community supported manner by being accountable, trustworthy, and transparent in our communications. 

    Eagle Point School District 9 Board of Directors Goals 2021-22

    1. Prioritize, support, and monitor the Strategic Plan as presented
      1. Closing the achievement gap for all students
      2. Provide innovative career pathways for all students
      3. Address the social and emotional learning for all students and staff
      4. Create a clear and defined district culture
    2. Work to bridge the communication gap between the parents and the school district - in addition to monthly board meetings the board will commit to hosting a minimum of bi-annual community listening sessions.
    3. Work to upgrade our school facilities by utilizing existing funds and preparing for a bond measure that will benefit the community so that each student and teacher has the best education and school experience possible