• Welcome to EPSD9 School Safety. This website is in its early development phase. Please check back as the school year progresses for updates. 

    Students and staff in Eagle Point School District 9 deserve a safe and secure learning environment. EPSD9 is committed to maintaining the environment, in partnership with other district departments, as well as local law enforcement, and regional emergency responders.

    Do you have a safety concern? Use this form to anonymously report an incident you witnessed to our leadership team. 

    Eagle Point School District 9 strives to provide clear and accurate communication to our community, especially when it comes to the safety of our students.

    In the event of an incident, EPSD9 Communications sends notices and updates via phone, email, and/or text. Please contact your school if you believe your information is not up to date in our system.

    We ask that parents do not drive to the school when an emergency or serious event, like a LOCKDOWN or SECURE situation, occurs.

    During an emergency or serious event, Local Law Enforcement and the EPSD9 Crisis Team are working quickly to keep students and staff safe. Additional phone calls and vehicles on campus can impact our response time negatively and the roads around our schools can quickly become congested and make it impossible for police and first responders to arrive quickly.

    In the event of a major emergency that warrants offsite reunification, we will communicate with you where to pick up your child.

    EPSD9 School Safety Quick Access Links:
    Healthy and Safe Schools Plan (HASS Plan)

    School Response Protocol

    Standard Reunification Method

    Suicide Prevention Protocol and Process

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