Eagle Point School District uses Canvas, a learning management system (LMS) to provide teachers, students, and families tools that enhance learning and communication both inside and outside of the school building. Teachers use Canvas to deliver course materials, contact information, and utilize the calendar feature, which puts all of your child's assignments and other important date information for all courses into one, color-coded calendar. Canvas helps keep a student's school life simple, as all course information is found within one tool, not scattered across many. Canvas also allows our teachers and students to use our 1:1 technology more efficiently and more effectively.


    Our students and staff can access Canvas and other tools like email and Google Drive through Rapid Identity:

    Students use the same username part of the student email ex. and passcode as they do for email. If your child has forgotten their password, we recommend that you use Rapid Identity to recover it

    Our parents and guardians can access Canvas directly here:

    For instructions on how students can log into Canvas, you may read our short instruction sheet.

    How to set up your Observer account as a Parent/Guardian

    Directions in English  | Direcciones en Español


    We highly encourage parents/guardians to sit down regularly with their child to view Canvas multiple times a week, so that the child remains up to date on assignments and events in class. Parents can activate their free Observer account to view the resources and activities posted in their child’s courses. You can access our Canvas by using a browser on a computer, or by installing the Canvas Parent app on your mobile device.

    Observer accounts can:

    • Read announcements, view the calendar, and see the course syllabus.
    • Access a list of assignments with due dates.
    • See your child's assignments, but not his/her discussion posts
    • View your child’s scores on assignments in Canvas. Course grades will continue to be published in Synergy/ParentVue..
    • Use the Inbox to contact the teacher.
    • Set up notifications to get emails or texts for announcements, assignments, etc.
    • View the instructional content in the course.