iPad Insurance Information

  • For the each school year, EPSD9 offers optional iPad insurance to students and families. This annual insurance is effective from the first day school starts to the day before school starts the following academic year. The cost for the insurance is $25.00. There is a family cap of $100.00. Insurance will provide coverage for repair or replacement on and off school grounds for incidents described below. Without insurance, students will be responsible for all repair or replacements costs.

    If your student did not have insurance during the prior school year, their school for the current school year will need to verify the condition of the iPad prior to accepting insurance payment. Before the iPad is insured, the device must be inspected to ensure it's: 

    1. Operational: Demonstrate that the device powers on

    2. Free of cracks on the screen: best to see this with the screen lit up

    3. The case is in fair condition and can protect the device (flap attached or keyboard present during inspection)

    Note: Students with keyboards: Both parts (case frame and detachable keyboard that serves as a protective cover) should be accounted for at the inspection.

    iPad Insurance can be purchased for $25.00 online through ParentVue under optional fees or you can go into your child’s school office to sign up. Schools may require an opt-out signature.

    What is covered:

    • Accidental damage (drops/spills)
    • Cracked screen
    • Liquid submersion
    • Fire
    • Flood
    • Natural disasters
    • Power surge by lightning
    • Theft (required police report)
    • Vandalism (requires police and school report)

    What is not covered:

    • Purposeful damage or neglect.
    • Lost or misplaced iPad.
    • iPad charging cord and charging wall charger (brick).




    Additional conditions:

    • if an iPad sustains damage while it is not in a case, insurance coverage may be denied.
    • Purchase of insurance after your school deployment event must be done in person at the school office. Inspection of the EPSD9 issued iPad is required.

    Insurance Deductible Fees

    1st damage claim - no deductible fee

    2nd damage claim - $25 deductible fee

    3rd damage claim - $50 deductible fee

    4th damage claim - $75 deductible fee

    Costs for Damaged, Lost or Stolen iPads

    Students will be held responsible for ALL damage or loss to their iPads and/or accessories resulting from negligence or misuse as determined by school administration.  This includes accessories not covered by warranty including, but not limited to broken screens or cracked pieces, inoperability, etc. In the event of damage not covered by warranty and resulting from negligence or misuse, the student and parent will be billed for the cost of repairs.  

    The student will check in/check out a loaner iPad or alternative device until repairs are made (if damage is due to gross negligence, intentional destruction, or willful misconduct school administration will determine iPad/technology use for the student).

    Replacement Costs for Damages and Repairs:

    • A damaged or broken iPad may cost in excess of $250
    • Replacement cost a lost or stolen iPad is  $350 
    • Accessory Replacement: All district owned iPads are distributed with a case, charging cable, and wall charger. Replacement costs of these accessories are outlined below:
    • Replacement cost for the Logitech Rugged Combo 3 case is $100
    • Replacement cost for the Brenthaven Edge Folio 3 iPad case is $35
    • Replacement cost for the provided iPad charging cable is $15
    • Replacement cost for the provided iPad wall charger is $15
    • Replacement cost for the provided Logitech Crayon is $49.95