• Eagle Point School District 9

    We are very proud of the team we have assembled at Eagle Point School District 9!  Our Human Resources Department actively pursues the best employees from around the country to ensure that Every Student in Every Classroom receives excellent instruction Every Day!  Our current team of educators includes employees from Jamaica, Chicago, Missouri, Florida, Texas, Alaska, and all throughout the West Coast.  We continue to attract great talent from across the United States because we are looking for employees that put students first in every decision.  During the past year, our recruiting team has traveled to Seattle, Houston, Portland, and Southern Oregon searching for the next great employee.  Our recruiting team is comprised of teachers, administrators, supervisors, and classified employees that represent the qualities we are looking for in new team members.  EPSD9 is looking for teachers that are:

    > Passionate about EVERY STUDENT!

    > Lifelong Learners

    > Personalized Learning Specialists

    > Technology Savvy

    > Collaborative with peers and community

    > Fun!  Excited about teaching!

    EPSD9 has 4,000 students and approximately 500 employees which makes us large enough to have a wide variety of offerings, but small enough to feel like a family.  We often hear from new employees how they felt like they were joining a family instead of joining a school district.  This type of culture doesn’t happen by accident.  We hire great administrators that have the highest expectations for their staff which means that all staff members have the highest expectations for their students and with high expectations comes a high level of support.  We have instructional coaches in every building that spend more than 50% of their time in the classroom supporting the teachers.  Our graduates are competing in today’s global workforce.  Many of our students and recent graduates are entering the workforce in robotics, coding, engineering, and other high-tech fields based on their experiences in our district.  

    We are excited about the work happening in Eagle Point School District 9.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.