• Work Experience is an opportunity for students to earn credit for working outside of school. If you are currently working at an afterschool job you may earn additional credit for your work during the school year and summer.  Work Experience is an innovative way to support students with high school completion and their enthusiasm to join the work world.

    Please contact the URCEO registrar if you would like to apply for Work Experience Credit.

    Work Experience Qualifications

    • Available to juniors and seniors only.
    • Must complete a Work Experience application.
    • Hours can be submitted anytime from mid-June at the end of a student's sophomore year, even if the student didn't start the process until sometime in their junior or senior year.
    • Every 180 hours = .50 Elective credit. URCEO students can earn up to 4 credits.
    • Students on a Modified Diploma earn .50 elective credit for every 130 hours.

    Work Experience Process

    1. Students possessing a job complete the EPSD9 Work Experience application, then return it to the URCEO registrar. 
    2. The URCEO registrar places students in a Work Experience course.
    3. The completed application is given to the EPSD9 Work Experience Coordinator.
    4. Students are required to turn in payroll statements once or twice a month to the URCEO Work Experience Coordinator as part of their weekly check-in.
    5. The Work Experience Coordinator tracks the accumulated hours and calculates when a student has reached the 130/180-hour mark.
    6. When a student achieves the .50 credit mark, the Work Experience Coordinator notates the tracking sheet and emails the URCEO registrar who places verified credits on the student's transcripts.

    EPSD9 Work Experience Application 

    Access the digital copy:

    Submitting Qualifying Hours

    Students that receive a payroll statement/stub

    Students can remit the payroll statement/stubs to the URCEO registrar by paper copy, fax, or email. A clear picture (by phone or iPad) of the statement is also acceptable.

    Students being paid cash-in-hand

    Students must produce a letter from the employer that is printed on company letterhead. The letter needs to include:
    1. Company name
    2. Company contact information
    3. Verification of employment statement that includes:
       a. that the student worked "X" amount of hours
       b. dates hours worked (weekly or monthly)
    4. Employer's signature
    5. Employer's title (supervisor, manager, owner)
    6. Employer's contact information (phone and email). This is for verification purposes.