• Our secondary students have a compressed schedule and only take 4 classes per term. Each term, which is traditionally a grading quarter, our students complete a semester's worth of instruction. Class periods are longer to accommodate the instructional time necessary to cover learning standards.

    Block 1 8:45-10:05 a.m.
    Block 2 10:17-11:37 a.m.
    Block 3 12:13-1:33 p.m.
    Block 4 1:35-2:55 p.m.

    Each term, students have four classes that follow a pattern:
    Terms 1 & 3 are what you could refer to as the "A class schedule"
    Terms 2 & 4 would be the "B class schedule"

    Most classes have SynchMeets via Zoom that are held the first 30-minutes of the block. Following that time, students can stay to work with the teacher and peers during Office Hours or work independently.
    Since URCEO middle school classes are offered on a different schedule than the traditional schools in our district, a transfer to URCEO Virtual would require a commitment to attending a full semester (such as quarters 3 & 4).