• District Athletics Director:
    Kacey McNulty

    Coaching Requirements

    The Southern Oregon Middle School Athletic Conference (SOMSAC) oversee's Middle School athletics in the region and requires ALL coaches to have ALL certifications current prior to the beginning of the season and valid throughout all seasons during the sport season.

    Paid Coaches: Once you are pre-approved by the Athletic Coordinator, please complete this pre-approved Middle School Coach or Activity application. You will then be contacted by the HR Department to complete a couple more steps.

    Volunteer Coaches must complete the D9 Volunteer process and  be approved prior to the start of the sports season. For volunteering questions, please contact - (541) 830-6557

    ALL Coaches (including Volunteer) must complete the COACHING CERTIFICATIONS LINK (When you click on this link- scroll to the very bottom and the certification links will be there in blue.) Once completed, email a PDF of each certificate to  

    WMMS Phone 541-830-6730

    Football Helmet.png

    Football  (Fall)                                        




    Volleyball (Fall)


    Jogging Exercise.png

    Track (Spring)


    basketball image

    Boys basketball  (Winter)



    Wrestling  (Winter)


    basketball on the floor image

    Girls Basketball  (Winter)