• Inside of greenhouse with rows of plantsCows face eating

    Agricultural Sciences

    FA600 Zoology/Livestock Production           
    FA607 Science in Agriculture                        
    FA608 Anatomy in Animal Science               
    FA613* Equine Science                                
    FA614* Small Animal Care & Management  
    FA615 Intro to Veterinary Science                
    EL620 Project Supervision                           
    FA621 Leadership in Agriculture                  
    FA630 Intro to Horticulture                           
    FA632 Advanced Horticulture                       
    FA655 Safety for Industry                             
    FA656 Intro to Ag Mechanics                        
    FA657 Advanced Ag Mechanics                   
    FA658 Agriculture Fabrication                    

    student working on computer robotic program on screen. work bench with wall of tools. wood shop


    FA646 Engineering Woods I 
    FA648 Advanced Woods Manufacturing
    FA651 Engineering Metals I  
    FA654 Metals Fabrication Manufacturing 
    FA659* Introduction to Engineering 
    FA660* Engineering Design  
    FA667* Robotics Engineering 

    Classis car sitting in garage, no paint on itSet of wrenches in open tool box 

    Auto Shop

    FA661 Auto I                                                                                                
    FA662 Auto II                     
    FA663 Auto III                   
    FA664 Auto IV                   
    FA665 Auto Body Repair   

    Canon 90D cameraCamera filming news reporter sitting

    Business/Computer/Communications Technology

    EL164 Yearbook 
    FA165* Digital Photography 
    FA166* Advanced Digital Photography  
    FA167 Introduction to Graphic Design 
    FA168 Graphic Production 
    FA292* Audio/Visual Productions I 
    FA293* Audio/Visual Productions II 
    FA294 Audio Visual Productions III
    FA295 Broadcast/Student News 
    FA296 Student Reporting Labs: PBS News Hour 
    FA670 Introduction to Business and Business Technology 
    FA673* Computer Applications I 
    FA674* Computer Applications II 
    FA678* Computer Technology 
    FA680* Computer Graphics 
    FA682* Web Page Design 
    FA690 PLTW - Cybersecurity 
    FA695 PLTW - Computer Science Essentials  

    Serving up food in kitchen restaurant Kitchen baking mixer on counter

    Family and Consumer Sciences

    FA740* Culinary Arts I 
    FA742* Culinary Arts II 
    FA743 Culinary Arts III/IV 
    FA748 Catering 2