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EPSD9 is forming two Math Curriculum Adoption Committees

Mathematics Curriculum Adoption for 2022/23


Dear Staff and Community Members,


Eagle Point School District 9 is forming two Math Curriculum Adoption Committees. One committee for the Elementary Mathematics Adoption (K-5) and another for the Secondary Mathematics Adoption (6-12). 


The committee will be composed of Directors, Instructional Coaches, Teachers, and interested community members to listen to presentations, ask questions, and look at materials over the next several months. 


The Tentative Adoption Timeline is: 

  • November: Form a Curriculum Adoption Committee of teachers and community members who want to help select a Math Curriculum. The Committee builds a profile of what we absolutely want to have in our adoption. (e.g. math fact practice, Algebraic Reasoning-Operations, Base Ten Arithmetic, Geometry, Measurement, and Data)

  • December: The Committee attends virtual presentations by publishers about mathematics materials that have been approved by ODE. This is called a Curriculum Caravan. The Committee will take notes about each presentation and select three of the publishers to ask for printed and online curriculum materials to look at in more detail.

  • January/February: All 3 publishers’ materials will be displayed in each building for teachers to evaluate the materials with a survey. 

  • February/March: The Committee will come together to review the evaluations and discuss each program. The hope is that the Committee will make a recommendation to Superintendent Kovach to select a program. 

  • April: The materials recommended by the Committee will be on display for the public to view for one month.

  • May: Superintendent Kovach will make the committee’s recommendation to the School Board. 

  • July: Approved materials will be purchased for implementation in the 2023-2024 school year. 

If you are interested in participating in a Mathematics Curriculum Adoption Committee, please complete the survey connected to this QR code or use this link.

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For more information, contact Joni Parsons, Director - Office of Teaching & Learning and Special Services ( or Becky Pool, Admin. Asst. - Office of Teaching & Learning (