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EPSD9 School Board, May Recognition

The following students and staff were recognized at a recent assembly for their outstanding work by our School Board. Board Members in photos are Matt Stone and Josh Graves.


Words from Lake Creek Learning Center:



Cait Patterson - Cait is constantly on task when she is supposed to be and is always focused not only on turning in her work on time but on the quality of the work submitted. She shows a mature responsibility that would not normally be expected from a 4th-grade student. She is kind to her classmates and sets a great example of work ethic, personal responsibility, friendship, and respect for everyone.


Adam (AJ) Petersen - A.J. has a great attitude every day. He comes into the classroom with his best foot forward and gives his best effort in everything he is asked to do. He has a great sense of humor and is well-liked and respected by his classmates. He focuses on completing his work and is always asking what else he can do or working on unfinished projects during downtime. He is rarely off task and is doing a great job at becoming the student he needs to be for middle school.




Craigin Patterson - Craigin is always willing to help. No matter what you need, she will be there for you. She goes above and beyond the call, whether it is decorating the school for an event, covering for absent employees, or helping students or staff. She is a dedicated, hard-working, all-around exemplary employee!


Lacey Strand - Lacey is always finding new and fun activities to keep the students engaged in their learning. You will find Lacey at Lake Creek in the early hours of the morning making sure everything is prepared and ready for her students. Lacey is a calming presence for the staff, students, and parents at LCLC.


Adam (AJ) Petersen (student with LCLC Principle and EPSD9 Board members)

Cait Patterson With LCLC Principle and EPSD9 Board Members

Craigin Patterson with LCLC Principal and EPSd9 Board Members

Lacey Strand with LCLC Principal and Board Members