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Purposefull People

This month’s focus is Perseverance. One way to think about Perseverance is “pushing yourself through challenges and obstacles.” We all experience challenges in our lives. We all have moments when we feel like we can’t do it or that we want to give up on a big task. It is important to develop tools that help us work through those challenges in order to grow in those moments instead of giving up. How might you practice Perseverance as a family this month? 

Have some fun connecting as a family this month while practicing Perseverance. Here are 3 “PurposeFull Pursuits” for you to complete together. How many can you do this month?

Pursuit #1:

Consistency is hard. Have each person in the family commit to 1 thing they will do each day this week. Maybe it is flossing, drinking a certain amount of water, getting to bed at a certain time, limiting screen time, or exercising. Create a place where each person can tally their progress and see who can keep their streak going the longest!

Pursuit #2:  

Review Perseverance as a family! Remember that Perseverance is pushing yourself to work through challenges and obstacles. Here’s a fun challenge: Can you fit your whole body through an index card? While it sounds impossible, with the correct folding and cutting technique, you can make it happen! Give each family member a 4x6 index card and a pair of scissors. Ready for the answer? You can find the directions and solution online by searching: “Fit Your Body Through an Index Card.”

Pursuit #3:    

We have all demonstrated Perseverance in our lives. Many of us have seen people practice Perseverance in ways that have inspired us. Stories are powerful tools for connecting as a family. Protect time this week to share stories about Perseverance with each other (you can use the story prompts to get started). At the end of the conversation, think of 1 way you can practice Perseverance this week.