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Purposefull People

This month’s focus is Cooperation. One way to think about Cooperation is “working together to reach shared goals.” Practicing Cooperation helps strengthen our relationships and reduce stress. Cooperation is 1 of 3 traits we will focus on throughout the year that helps students Be Kind. Throughout the school, students will be developing skills like perspective-taking, conflict resolution, and leadership.

Have some fun connecting as a family this month while practicing Cooperation. Here are 3 “PurposeFull Pursuits” for you to complete together. How many can you do this month?

Pursuit #1:

This week, plan a time where everyone needs to work together to accomplish a shared goal like cleaning up the space you live in or making a meal together. Make sure everyone has a role to play with specific tasks. When the project is complete, discuss and celebrate how each person’s part was important to the end result.

Pursuit #2:  

Review Cooperation as a family! Search through your cupboards for some board games your family has not played in a while, or grab a deck of cards for a simple game of Go Fish. Pop some popcorn and have fun playing together! Look for moments of Cooperation that you can point out.

  • Choosing which game to play
  • Choosing who gets to go first
  • Handling wins and losses
  • Working together to solve a problem

Pursuit #3:    

Find a time to sit in a circle together and celebrate all the ways you have seen each other practice Cooperation. Take turns sharing responses to the following prompts or make up your own! Remember to practice Cooperation as you take turns and listen to each other.

  • What family member(s) do you want to celebrate for their Cooperation this month?
  • What is 1 way you used Cooperation to resolve a conflict?