On June 10, ODE released Ready Schools, Safe Learners Guidance designed for school leaders that puts forward the requirements and recommendations we are using to plan for the fall. Over the following two weeks teachers, principals, and support staff began working on “blueprints” or plans for the 2020-2021 school year. Classrooms and common areas were measured to help us understand how many students and staff can safely learn in each space throughout our district.

Our tentative plan is to bring Pre-K through fifth graders to our schools five days a week. With our space limitations, this means that every nook and cranny in our buildings will be used. For Grades 6-12 our strategy is to have a schedule we are calling, “Brick and Click Learning”. That means, half the students of each school will come alternating days to the “Brick” while the other half attends school virtually; the “Click.”

These plans remain tentative. We will be providing opportunities to get feedback from staff and parents. We anticipate changes to guidelines we’re working under and, of course, we do not know where we will be with respect to the pandemic in September. However, we are confident that we have a good model and in working with you, we can meet the challenges and opportunities of this moment. 

Please follow our district social media for the latest updates. And, most importantly, feel free to email this summer with your ideas and suggestions.

The Superintendent shared the following messages directly with families on July 1, 2020:
English Version: Operational Blueprint for Reentry for School Year 2020-21
Versión en español: Plan operativo para reingreso para el año escolar 2020-21

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