Superintendent Report
April 2, 2020

On March 12th we learned that our students would miss seven school days. On March 17th, we learned that our students would be out for more than a month with an anticipated return of April 28th. This return date is still in effect.

This week a significant change was sent out by ODE directing school districts to move from providing ‘supplemental education’ to ‘distance learning’. I believe this change is setting the table for the Governor to extend the closure through the rest of this academic year. If and when this decision is made it may or may not include changes to the graduation requirements for this year’s senior class. The information I am receiving on graduation requirements is unofficial and changes from day-to-day.

For ESPD the roller coaster has not been as wild a ride as other school districts. Our original plan was to approach the closure as we would a snow closure. However, we had a contingency called ‘Plan B’ that anticipated that this closure might be different and that we needed to be thinking for the long haul. Within hours, district leadership realized that Plan B was what made sense. This is why we sent students home with iPads. Since then we’ve stuck to our ‘Plan B’ making refinements to it as changes come out and we learn more. Our strategy continues to be that we will teach all of our students using the tools and people that we have. We do not think it will be easy, but we do think that we won’t succeed if we don’t try.

The immediate hurdles we’re facing include:
Connectivity - ensuring all students have access to the instruction
Equity - ensuring all students needs are being met
Communication - learning to work and teach without face-to-face meetings

Intermediate hurdles include:
Improving the level of instruction and moving students forward on standards
Designing instruction in the new environment 
Assessing and awarding grades and credits
Graduating seniors

Long-term hurdles include:
Assessing the impact of the school closure on students (juniors)
Financial impact of coronavirus on budgets, fundraising and programs
Preparing for a coronavirus return in 20/21

Respectfully, Andy Kovach

Andy Kovach
Eagle Point School District 9 - Eagle Point
541-830-6200 (fax)