Status update from Superintendent Kovach

Status update from Superintendent Kovach
Posted on 04/30/2021
April 30th, 2021

Dear Eagle Point SD Families;

As we head into the weekend I would like to further update you on our district’s status. Our EPSD9 students have been fully back into in-person instruction since January 25th and we have a bit over six weeks until graduation.

On April 23rd, I shared with you the announcement that Jackson County would be moving into the category of “extreme risk”. This new status is based on rising numbers of local COVID cases. This change does not impact Eagle Point schools directly as we operate under the RSSL Guidance rather than, as we did previously, the Jackson County Metrics. It is our intent to continue to operate our schools with in-person instruction until the end of this academic year.

However, being in “extreme risk”, will impact how we manage cases of exposure. Parents please note carefully one very important change. Our Local Health Authority has determined that we will no longer be able to return non-vaccinated exposed students and staff to school, or school activities, after seven symptom free days and the exposed individual receiving a negative COVID test. The length of quarantine is now 14 days. A doctor’s release will not override the Local Health Authority.

Outside activities including prom, sports and our graduation ceremony will also be impacted. The OSAA released new guidance today regarding non-contact sports. Prom will be May 8 at the Talon’s open-sided event area. It will be in person, but we will hold two sessions with each limited to 100 persons. Attendees will need to sign a waiver. Masks and temperature checks will be required.

The graduation ceremony will also be in-person, but will be moved to June 12th as we need the flexibility of being able to use all of Saturday to adjust to what may come. If conditions loosen we can consolidate into one ceremony and issue additional audience tickets to graduates. If they tighten we can expand the number of ceremony sessions to meet requirements. Our goal is to maximize the event for our families while
maintaining safety.

I continue to be proud of the work our staff has accomplished and grateful for the continuing support and flexibility of our parents. This has been a challenging time. I am honored to be a part of this community.


Andy Kovach