EPSD9 In-person Learning Protocols

EPSD9 In-person Learning Protocols
Posted on 01/14/2022
EPSD9 In-person Learning Protocols



Dear Eagle Point School District 9 staff, students, and families,


Thank you for your support during these challenging times. Our priority is to keep our schools open to maintain in-person learning as long as we have the staff available to do so safely. 


The rapid rise in COVID-19 cases driven by the Omicron variant has contributed to a dramatic increase in absences for students and staff across our district. Today we had 16% of our staff and 12% of our students absent.


We are reviewing our status daily to determine our ability to keep individual schools open for our students. Key data points are :


  • staff testing positive
  • students testing positive
  • staff in isolation/quarantine
  • students in isolation/quarantine
  • transportation staffing vacancies 
  • teacher vacancies in any given building
  • staffing vacancies that are not covered by a substitute


EPSD9's primary focus is to keep our schools open for in-person learning. We consider all of the above data daily to determine whether we can safely and effectively keep schools open. In the event that a school moves to an alternative such as a pause in instruction, hybrid learning or distance learning, we want to be transparent on how the decision was made. 


Immediate Changes

In an effort to mitigate the additional spread and maintain in-person learning, we will be making the following changes across our district:


  • We are pausing all staff training and conferences that require a substitute to ensure adequate staffing at each of our schools.This pause does not apply to athletics.
  • We are limiting in-person meetings. Meetings will be held virtually whenever possible.

Updated EPSD9 COVID-19 Management Procedures


Protocol for Transition to a Pause in Instruction, Hybrid Learning or Distance Learning 

In the event that your school community has to transition to a pause in instruction, hybrid learning or distance learning, families will be contacted via robocall just as we do for a snow day. Postings will also be made on our website and social media. Teachers will continue to update their materials and assignments in Canvas so all students can access learning. 


You can be prepared by helping your student remember to take their iPads home daily. Please help them with ensuring that the device is charged and ready for use.


Again, keeping our schools open is our priority. We are aware of the significant impact that comes with school closures and we want to keep as many of our students in school as possible. When we cannot provide sufficient staffing to continue in-person learning in a safe environment, we will implement a pause in instruction, hybrid learning or distance learning until we are able.


Keeping our schools open for learning requires teamwork. We appreciate the valuable role each of you takes to ensure you are doing all that you can at home and at school. 





Andy Kovach