EPSD9 and Communities

EPSD9 and Communities
Posted on 09/11/2020


Eagle Point School District 9 and Communities:

Today, the anniversary of 9/11 we find ourselves in a new crisis. This time, directly impacting our community. As I write this we have a large active, uncontained fire burning in the middle of the school district. Many EPSD families and staff are or have been evacuated. Others have lost their homes.  All of us are living in hazardous smoke conditions with packed bags at the ready. Eagle Point School District, itself, has been closed for the past three days.

It is our intent to return to work on Monday the 14th. At this time two of our schools are in Level 3 Evacuation Areas so some of our staff may need to report to an alternate work site. Critically, we know many of our staff will be unavailable due to their personal, heartbreaking circumstances and we as a district will need to determine how to fill in for those missing. We will also need to adjust our calendar. 

Our current plan includes the following dates:

     September 14th-16th - EPSD9 staff return to work and make family contacts

     September 17th-18th - EPSD9 staff provide Orientation Conferences with students and parents

     September 21st - Comprehensive Distance Learning begins for all students

     September 28th - Limited In-person Instruction begins

Our strategy is to bring our staff back into our buildings next week and determine our personnel status, complete the required COVID19 training and, most importantly, continue teacher preparation for comprehensive distance learning. We intend to contact all families to assess their needs due to the wildfires, connectivity, food delivery and make an appointment for all families to attend an in-person or virtual Orientation. If you don’t hear from us, contact your school office.

On Thursday and Friday, we want to bring all of our students and parents to our buildings in-person or virtually to orient them on how to be successful with the new learning model and to give them the tools they will need to do this. Again, we anticipate working with families whose personal circumstances have changed dramatically.

As we have all learned repeatedly in the past months our plans will need to be flexible. Like COVID19, the Obenchain Fire has the final say on much of what we plan to do. Communicating with each other is essential. We will also need to be gracious and proactive as we work together to  problem-solve the needs of families, staff and most importantly our students.


Andy Kovach

EPSD9 Superintendent