• Photo of Carolina Perez"I feel confident and totally sure when I say that Eagle Point School District changed my life forever. From the very beginning they believed in me and that made me believe in myself. And when you believe that you actually CAN, you can make your students believe in themselves and that they also can." Carolina Perez Luviano; International Teacher

    Photo of Daniel Langston"Eagle Point School District has an amazing ability to connect with kids. Time and time again I am inspired by my administration and peers. Their commitment to our students is unique and absolute." Daniel Langston; Career Changer

    Photo of Cari Snider"I like working in the Eagle Point School District because I am supported, my ideas are welcomed, and I am appreciated for the work I do. I enjoy the entire staff, I enjoy the students, and I enjoy my job. Every day is a GREAT DAY TO BE AN EAGLE!!!"
    Cari Snider; Veteran Teacher