Superintendent Evaluation 20-21

The Eagle Point School District 9 Board of Directors makes the following statement:

The Board of Directors of Eagle Point School District 9 recognizes Superintendent Kovach to exhibit in a positive tone all professional norms of the position. His honesty, integrity and ethical core are noted to be of the highest standard and seen to set a regional and state standard.

The very day of accepting this role as Superintendent of EPSD9, a worldwide pandemic stuns the world and yet he stepped into the unknown without hesitation. Not once has he faltered in leading with a firm grasp of the COVID pandemic accounting for all state requirements and their effect on EPSD9. He regularly displays a keen trait to listen and reflect on data. He is highly visible within the community, offering several venues through the 20/21 year to ensure that he and his team were hearing from all stakeholders. The Board holds in high regard Superintendent Kovach’s transparency and leadership to ensure students return to school amidst the COVID pandemic. It is noted that the numerous educational means and opportunities available to students and families to best fit their COVID educational needs is indeed visionary, including the transition of URCEO to an online learning academy.

During the Obenchain and Almeda Fires Superintendent Kovach was seen for the strong community leader he is when he brought options to the region; opening EPSD9 facilities to evacuees, emergency management teams and the administration of Phoenix/Talent School District to keep their school district up and functioning amidst the devastating fires.

The numerous undertakings of Superintendent Kovach have been listed and noted by the EPSD9 Board of Directors for the 20/21 school year and were discussed in detail by the superintendent in his monthly address to the board. These detailed presentations evidenced to the Board that the Superintendent is moving EPSD9 forward with visionary leadership, creating an inclusive district culture that is culturally responsive instructional leadership and improvement. The Board has witnessed a priority to communication and community relations and a willingness to see growth and improvement abound. There is effective organizational management, the highest respect is upheld for EPSD9’s sound fiscal practices and the Board of Directors sees a respectful, informed approach to policy, governance and advocacy.

The EPSD9 Board of Directors is highly pleased with Superintendent Kovach’s performance in the 20/21 school year and looks forward to developing goals and training strategies with Mr. Kovach to deepen their partnership and stakeholder involvement throughout the region.

Presented with respect by the 2020-2021 EPSD9 Board of Directors