Message from Superintendent Kovach

Message from Superintendent Kovach
Posted on 04/08/2020
Stacked Newspapers

Governor Brown announced this afternoon that “in person” classes will be cancelled for the remainder of the school year. The decision to close “in person” classes for the remainder of the year is a difficult decision, but one made out of health concerns for our students and families. Eagle Point School District 9 has been preparing for this. This is how we will finish this year strong:


  1. We will continue our commitment to the health and safety of our students and staff members by continuing to educate our students while following the social distancing mandates issued by the Governor of Oregon.
  2. We will continue to rely on the partnerships we have with our parents,students and community members. We are all in this together and we are proud to work side by side with each and every one of you as we move forward.
  3. It is important that we continue to recognize that this is a difficult time for everyone involved and there are a lot of situations happening simultaneously that are adding to the difficulty level. Stay strong and work together.
  4. For our current seniors that have accrued credits in all required areas and earned passing grades as of March 13, 2020, will have met all requirements for graduation! This will be great news for about 83% of our current seniors as they will begin transitioning into their post high school plans. Our staff will begin working with these students as they focus their efforts on college and career next steps. More information about how we will celebrate the graduating class of 2020 will be forthcoming.
  5. Additionally, we will have a much smaller group of current seniors who will still be working towards graduating. Once we have this list generated, these students will receive a graduation plan that will include staff members working directly with students to achieve graduation.

Please click here to see an additional video message from Mr. Kovach