Frequently Asked Questions

EPSD9 Q & A for Reopening Schools

July 1, 2020
(This is our plan for right now. The plan may change as the numbers of those affected go up or down. We also expect additional guidance from ODE and our local Health Authority throughout the summer.)

Q: What has been done to deep-clean the schools?
A: All schools are going through a deep clean this summer. Procedures are in place for ongoing, deep cleaning as we prepare to reopen for the 2020-2021 School Year.

Q: What has EPSD9 done to prepare for students to return to school in September?
A: We began by assessing all the usable instructional space in the District. Physical distancing will require each person in the classroom to have up to 6 ft or 35 square feet of space. Using guidance from ODE and our local Health Authority, we determined class size based upon usable instructional space. Principals, Instructional Coaches, District Office Administrators, Support Staff, and all Supervisors worked in groups to plan for social distancing, signage, needed protective equipment, environmental cleaning, and disinfection, arranging students in cohorts to trace student contact in the event of exposure, isolation of sick people and more. Our plan meets current guidance from ODE and our local Health Authority.

Q: Will my child be going to the actual school building in September?
A: The short answer is “yes”.

ELEMENTARY: At this time, we plan to bring Pre-K through fifth graders to our schools five days a week. Our priority is to maximize time at school for our youngest learners, students with IEPS, and English learners.

SECONDARY: At this time, we plan for Grades 6-12 to have a split A/B schedule we are calling, “Brick and Click”. This means half of the student population at each secondary school will come each day “Brick” (to the brick and mortar school) while the other half attends school virtually, or “Click”-- on an alternating day schedule.

Q: What will the schedule look like at my child’s school for 2020-2021?
A: Pre-K through fifth grade would come to school every day. Most secondary students will come every other day. In some instances, secondary special education students and other students who need extra support will come every day. The actual school start and end times have not yet been determined.

Q: Will the first day of school still be the Tuesday after Labor Day, September 8th?
A: ELEMENTARY: With all of our plans to use and teach students social distancing protocols, we will begin with a soft start for each elementary class. Each teacher’s class will be divided into two. The first half will attend all day Tuesday and Wednesday, September 8th-9th. The second half of each class will attend by themselves all day Thursday and Friday, September 10th-11th. All students in elementary classrooms will attend together beginning Monday, September 14th. Information about which days your child will attend will be available after August 25th.

SECONDARY: Students will be notified of whether they are in Group A or B and information will be sent home with the daily schedule. We are striving to align the schedule of secondary families based on the addresses we have on file. This information will be available after August 25th.

Q: What if I don’t think it is safe to go to the school building?
A: If you do not feel it is safe for your student to go to the school building because they may have a pre-existing medical condition that makes them more vulnerable to the disease, your student can attend online. Your child will be assigned to a teacher and a class. The teacher will provide instruction, give assignments, and correct assignments. This blended learning will also be available to help your student with tutoring through the D-9 Learning Center.

Q: Will the teacher be wearing a mask? Will the students be wearing masks?
A: Yes, according to the guidance provided by ODE and our local Health Authority, all adults working within 6 feet of a student will be wearing a face covering. It may be a mask but will more likely be a face shield. Children 12 and under are discouraged from wearing masks.

Q: Are students who receive special education for reading and/or math still able to get that individualized assistance?
A: Yes. Students in self-contained classrooms will be able to return to school with social distancing protocols in place. Resource teachers will also be working closely with general education teachers to make sure that learning and meeting IEP goals are accessible to all students.

Q: How will busses run in the fall?
A: Bus schedules will reflect school schedules and follow all social distancing guidelines. As more information becomes available about the bus schedule we will post it.

Q: Will there be athletics & activities next year?
A: We do not have a definitive answer at this time. We are waiting for further guidance from ODE and OSAA. It is our goal to provide after school athletics, activities, and clubs whether or not we are able to participate in contests. We will follow all the updated guidance and requirements.

Q: Will my child still have an iPad?
A: Yes, all EPSD9 students will have their own iPad. It is used in every class every day, whether at school or at home. More instructions will be made available for your child in the event that we have to close schools again during the 2020-2021 school year. If we need to return to Distance Learning under state guidelines, your child's iPad will be essential.

Q: What will the school do if there is an outbreak?
A: We will follow the procedure outlined in our Communicable Disease Plan.

Q: What will happen if my child or a classmate shows symptoms at school?
A: We will follow the procedure outlined in our Communicable Disease Plan.

Q: When will I hear more about the plan to reopen this Fall?
A: This is our tentative timeline for updates:
July 9    Facebook Live EPSD9 Community Meeting with Superintendent Kovach, 5-6 PM
Aug 5    Submit our plans for reopening to our local Health Authority
Aug 12  Plans for reopening presented to School Board for approval
Aug 15  Submit Plans to ODE

Q: What can our family do to prepare for reopening our schools in the Fall?
A: Practice social distancing so your family doesn’t get sick. Go outside, encourage your children to play outside as much as possible. Encourage your children to read every day and practice math facts. Also, follow us on Facebook and other social media. Phone: (541) 830-1200 PO Box 548, Eagle Point, OR 97524